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Death Has Always Made Me Cry

Death has always made me cry,

Whether it be because of the tragic loss experienced by others,

Or the friend or family shaped hole in my life,

Or its fictional representation in art,

Or even its lack when beloveds are reunited,

Death has always made me cry.

I met you once, Dark Spectre,

You allowed me to return and rebuild my self anew,

But that does not excuse the pain

You have continued to cause us all.

Death is but a passage,

A next step on an immortal journey, Or a cessation of all things, the reader may say,

Whatever it is to those who go, it is pain and tears to those who are left behind.

Death has always made me cry,

But I will be strong,

I will hold on to the joy of having known you,

The joy of the fond memories that will keep you alive forever.

A shining star in my personal firmament.

Death has always made me cry

And I have known loss over the years,

But those losses do not compare

To the ones I experience now, as I have aged,

And my friends begin to die,

From regular, tragic life-ending woes.

Before they were mentors, role models, acquaintances, family friends,

Now they are true friends, chosen family members, siblings of my heart.

I cherish you all the while I cry for your absence.

I hold on to the pleasure of having known you.

We will ring the bell for you today.

In love.

In remembrance.

In tribute to your part in our lives or of those we love,

And I will cry at your name.

The bell will toll,

And I will say farewell.

The bells will peal,

And my joy at having known you will explode from my heart,

For all to see and feel and know you through.

But I will still cry at your names.

Death has always made me cry.

Hattie Quinn

October 15, 2017

Sleepless in Fort Worth

Couldn’t sleep. Decided to participate in a Twitter writing contest. You could have up to three entries based on one of ten story ideas. Each must be tagged to gain their attention. 

My three:
1. Tell the story of a scar, whether a physical scar or emotional one.

It was a crevasse more than a scratch. She shone her light within, but the blackness swallowed all. When would she forgive her past? @write_practice

6. Your character’s deepest fear is holding his or her relationship OR career back.

You can really only put it off a few days. You have fought it for years, woman, but face it, you are going to be a mother. @write_practice 

9. Your character is on a journey. However, they are interrupted by a natural disaster OR an accident.

She had never felt so free climbing the steps in a tower where so many had come before. Then she was entombed by the quake. @write_practice

The blog post from The Write Practice was no lie. It really forces you to find the perfect word and to cut out the extraneous. What fun!