Monthly updates were ambitious.  I would have to submit things every month to be able to update you and summer has been very busy.


  • Broken Worlds
  • Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review

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Submissions as of today:

Poetic Diversity-

  • “Weather Madness” Inspired by the recent rains and floods in Texas (2015).
  • “Rejoice Fifteen” A 15 line, 15 syllable per line love poem (2013).
  • “Longing” A free form poem of longing and desire (2013).
  • “Death on a Sunny Day” A short story I wrote while on the train back from NOTOCON IX, which also prompted the creation of a cocktail of the same name, which I will post with the tag recipes.

Personal Accomplishments:

  • Family Vacation in Colorado.
  • Assisted in installing pull switches on lighting in charity kitchen.
  • Participated in and coordinated multiple rites of passage.
  • Prepared 15 lbs of homemade Ras El-Hanout spice blend for gifting.
  • Designed, solicited item donations, and assembled conference gift boxes.
  • Catered and hostessed a a feast for the First Night of the Prophet and His Bride.
  • Found out I was pregnant.
  • Attended Summer Board Meeting and Biennial National Conference.
  • Became officially engaged.
  • Planned Q4 events for charity and trained replacement coordinator in such.
  • Knitted catnip mouse with chair harness to keep in place for optimum play time.

Written by Hattie Quinn

I am she, Hattie Quinn, of URL fame. I spend a lot of my time writing with a cat sitting on my chest.