poeticdiversity (online Los Angeles Litzine) has accepted:


“Weather Madness” – written in May 2015, inspired by the crazy storms in Austin that weekend and driving home through the back country.  Published in their November 2015 edition, which can be found here: Weather Madness by Hattie Quinn

“Rejoice Fifteen” – written in 2013, when I had once again opened my heart.  To be published in their April 2016 issue.

Short Fiction

“Death on a Sunny Day” – written in 2013 on a 33-hour train ride from San Diego to Portland, OR, when I was both coming down from a beautiful weekend in Sacramento with dear friends, participating in a train bound tribute to Ernest Hemingway, and drinking an adult beverage inspired by both Hemingway and the weekend with friends, which I created in their honor, and still enjoy to this day (except that I am not drinking right now because I am 33 weeks pregnant, but you know what I mean.  This will also be featured in their April 2016 issue.


“Longing” – 2013 freeform poem.

Personal Accomplishments:

2015 (since my last post in September):

  • Trip to Salt Lake City for a Meeting of the USGL Electoral College.
  • Trip to Atlanta to speak at the USGL Kaaba Colloquium Leadership seminar.
  • Participated in and coordinated multiple rites of passage.
  • Assembled an adult themed gift box, including knitted flogger, blindfold and cuffs, all from patterns modified by me.
  • Knitted an eyeglasses cord, a belt, two pumpkins, santa’s boot, a draft catcher inspired by Frosty the Snowman, a liberty cap (which I ripped out because I did not think it smurfy enough in  shape, and began a combo knit/fabric nightie.
  • Spoke at TOTOCON on the Intersection of BDSM and Spirituality.
  • Decided to have a baby with my fiancé.
  • Made my first scrapbook.
  • Attended a dear friend’s wedding.
  • Scheduled 2016 events for charity and handed over to replacement coordinator in such.
  • Nursed a sick kitty back to health.
  • Began the arduous process of preparing my house for a baby and a first visit by my parents and stepmother.
  • Began e-formatting of reprint of The Pelican.
  • Constructed Fall and Winter wreaths for my door with knitted items and seasonal crafts.

2016 so far

  • Diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  Modified diet to support the growth of a healthy baby.
  • Continued nesting
  • Knitted a scarf to match the liberty cap I am in process of again kniting with added smurfiness.

Written by Hattie Quinn

I am she, Hattie Quinn, of URL fame. I spend a lot of my time writing with a cat sitting on my chest.