Update Q1 2016 e.v.

I had a beautiful baby boy!  He is the joy of my life and the bane of my schedule. 

In February, I failed to win the Writer’s Digest flash fiction competition with my piece entitled “Works”.   I have since submitted to the online litzine poeticdiversity where my poem “Weather Madness” previously appeared. 

During Women’s History Month I was featured in the Facebook of the editor as a kickass female writer, or something to that effect. Yay. 

Last month I also started a home cooking blog hattiescooking.com. Check it out if you are interested in learning to cook, gambling new recipes, discussing technique, or learning a little bit more about me everyday. 

Preview of Q2:

This month I am proofreading a short piece called “The Proposal” by Endymion St. Cyr and researching a scifi short story for submission to an upcoming anthology of female scifi authors. 

I hope to do some editing of existing pieces for submission or self-publication. 

I am still trying to learn to use InDesign.